OCT 7, 2013

Why choose plastic injection moulding?

If you’re manufacturing a product to sell then you will want to choose the most suitable and cost effective production process that will produce the very best results.  Plastic injection moulding has quickly become one of the most popular plastic processing methods and it’s easy to see why.  Here are five advantages of opting for plastic injection moulding over other methods.

Precision – If you’re producing a product that is very detailed and has lots of small, delicate and intricate parts then plastic injection moulding is perfect for creating an accurate finish.  Plastic injection moulding is capable of producing a lot of detail even on the smallest parts.

Variety – Plastic injection moulding can be adapted to suit your requirements.  There are a huge variety of different specialist plastic materials to choose from, so you can choose a material that is perfect for your product.  When you choose your plastic you can choose from a range of different qualities including chemical resistant, bio-compostable, flame-retardant and many more.  You can also choose a plastic that is as rigid or as flexible as necessary and in any colour that you want.

Environmentally friendly – There is very little waste produced by injection moulding.  Usually many parts are made from the same mould, and even the left over bits of plastic that are produced when the material is poured into the moulds can be ground down and reused.

Fast – Compared to other moulding processes, plastic injection moulding is a very speedy process, meaning that more products can be produced at a much quicker rate.  Lots of products can be produced from just one mould making plastic injection moulding a very efficient process.

Low cost – Injection moulding is a relatively simple and highly automated process.  Lots of pieces can be made from just one mould and the products are made by machines which need very little help or maintenance.  This means that there isn’t much in the way of overhead costs when it comes to plastic injection moulding, the process is very cost-effective.

Created on 7th October 2013
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